Crossovers and Milestones
"In the criminal justice system some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations." - Steve Zirnkilton

The Wolf Universe shows have been known to feature characters from their sister series on nearly a weekly basis, even including multi-episode arcs and romances between characters. Additionally, both Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. crossed over with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. "The crossovers are incredible ratings engines for us," said Dick Wolf. "What we can't do is have them become commonplace."

Pilots, Crossovers and Milestones

New York Undercover L.A. Dragnet
FBI FBI: Most Wanted Inside the FBI: New York
Image Episode # Title Original Airdate Comment
NYU0101 New York Undercover 1.01 (#1) School Ties September 8, 1994 New York Undercover Pilot
NYU0413 New York Undercover 4.13 (#89) Catharsis February 11, 1999 New York Undercover Cancelled
LAD0101 L.A. Dragnet 1.01 (#1) The Silver Slayer February 2, 2003 L.A. Dragnet Pilot
LAD0210 L.A. Dragnet 2.10 (#22) Killing Field December 4, 2004 L.A. Dragnet Cancelled
CJ0101 Cold Justice 1.01 (#1) Small Town Suicide? September 3, 2013 Cold Justice Premieres
DA0101 Dead Again 1.01 (#1) Behind Closed Doors October 2, 2014 Dead Again Premieres
NW0101 Nightwatch 1.01 (#1) Retaliation January 22, 2015 Nightwatch Premieres
SC0101 Cold Justice: Sex Crimes 1.01 (#1) The Music Teacher July 31, 2015 Cold Justice: Sex Crimes Premieres
SC0110 Cold Justice: Sex Crimes 1.10 (#10) Lost In The Footprints September 25, 2015 Cold Justice: Sex Crimes Ended
DA0109 Dead Again 1.09 (#9) Millionaire Murder March 7, 2016 Dead Again Ended
ITF0101 Inside the FBI: New York 1.01 (#1) The New Normal April 27, 2017 Inside the FBI: New York Premieres
ITF0106 Inside the FBI: New York 1.06 (#6) Global Fight June 1, 2017 Inside the FBI: New York Ended
CC0101 Criminal Confessions 1.01 (#1) Carlsbad October 1, 2017 Criminal Confessions Premieres
FBI0101 FBI 1.01 (#1) Pilot September 25, 2018 FBI Pilot
NN0110 Nightwatch Nation 1.10 (#10) We Are Nightwatch Nation October 25, 2018 Nightwatch Nation Ended
CC0212 Criminal Confessions 2.12 (#24) Grove City, OH December 22, 2018 Criminal Confessions Ended
FBI0118 FBI 1.18 (#18) Most Wanted April 2, 2019 Backdoor Pilot for FBI: Most Wanted
MfH0101 Murder for Hire 1.01 (#1) An Ex-Wife’s Revenge April 7, 2019 Murder for Hire Premieres
FirstResponders2 First Responders Live 1.01 (#1) First Responders Live June 12, 2019 First Responders Live Premieres
FBIMostWanted0 FBI: Most Wanted 1.01 (#1) FBI: Most Wanted Midseason, 2020 FBI: Most Wanted Premieres
Cold Justice Cold Justice: Sex Crimes Criminal Confessions
Murder for Hire First Responders Live Nightwatch Dead Again
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